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Miss Baker®

Miss Baker® is the very first bench mixer with double arms to knead small quantities.  Miss Baker kneads between 0,5 to 6 kg of an optimal product.

Miss Baker® is a range of 4 products: Miss Baker® Chef and Pro (3 kg. of dough), Miss Baker® Chef XL and PRO XL (6 kg. of dough)

Miss Baker® Chef

Miss Baker® Chef and Chef XL are suitable for  basic dough for pizzas, bread and focaccia,  short pastry, flaky pastry and egg pasta.

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: two-speed arm moving system (38 and 52 strokes per minute),  small-sized double-arm compact system, completely extractible kneading arms , double-channel emergency stop system (“Safety Torque Off”) Touch-system control board and a high efficiency induction engine. It’s perfect for home, small laboratories and restaurants.

Miss Baker® PRO

Miss Baker® PRO and PRO XL are suitable for  larger yeast  preparations in confectioneries, bread of high hydration, basic dough for pizzas, bread and focaccia,  short pastry, flaky pastry and egg pasta, brioches and panettone as well as refreshments  for sourdough.

MAIN CHARACTERISTCS: Five-speed inverter-controlled arm moving system (from 35 to 65 strokes per minute), small-sized double-arm compact system, completely extractible kneading arms, double-channel emergency stop system (“SafetyTorqueOff”) Touch-system control board, bluetooth communication system to use proprietary application “MixDrive” on iOS and Android smartphones.

The complete Miss Baker range while meeting all the professional needs of restaurants, pastry shops and R & D laboratories of the food industry, is also recommended to surprise at home and in small laboratories.

Miss Baker® INOX

The last born at Bernardi, with an endearing design matching with amazing efficiency. Totally made of stainless-steel, this new model of Miss Baker® is the best that technology can offer to the most demanding professional laboratories.

USERS: restaurants, pastry shops and R&D laboratories of the food industry.

MissBaker ChefMissBaker ProMissBaker Chef XLMissBaker Pro XL
3 kg6 kg
2 speed levels5 speed levels2 speed levels5 speed levels
Schede tecniche
Pizza napoletana
Frolla pasta
Egg pasta
(cutting the maximum kneading capacity by half)
High hydration dough

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